coocaa TV deepens its presence in Vietnam to welcome the Lunar New Year of the Cat with a lot of surprises

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – In recent years, coocaa has been gaining fame in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, the brand has not only won the praise of local consumers for its high-quality products, but has also become popular in the market for its emerging, fashionable, and carrying brand image. At the beginning of the New Year, on the basis of last year’s active cross-border cooperation with the sports and game industry to enrich the brand connotation. coocaa intends to launch a series of activities “Buy coocaa for the Lunar New Year, give filial piety to parents” to warm the traditional festival of Vietnamese people – the Lunar New Year. It cheered and deliver more warmth to Luar new year to Vietnamese people.

Last year, coocaa has strived to innovate in developing the market, with a lot of training campaigns and creative pop-ups. At present, coocaa, has won a large number of fans on the e-commerce platforms Shopee and Lazada in Southeast Asia.

Lunar New Year series activities convey a strong sense of warmth

Lunar New Year is the biggest and most lively traditional festival among Vietnamese people, which is regarded by Vietnamese as the day to welcome the new. coocaa with rapidly increasing popularity and reputation in Vietnam, pay special attention to the development of Vietnamese local cultural values, and in order to give back to the new and old users in Vietnam, coocaa launches a special campaign in 2023 a series of activities to welcome the Lunar New Year “Buy coocaa, give filial piety to parents”, including:

Releasing a video welcoming the Lunar New Year, “My Location” to evoke people’s mood of returning home

The video calls for people to return to their families and “buy coocaa for Lunar New Year, give filial piety to parents”. The video “My Location” has generated a lot of buzz on social media and has been reposted in large numbers by all age groups. Many viewers of the short video said that the video is rich in connotation and conveys the most touching sentiments of traditional Vietnamese culture, evoking the eagerness of people to go home for the Lunar New Year.

Empathize with people who can’t go home for the Lunar New Year and launch a campaign to help travelers offer filial piety

coccaa launched a Lunar New Year welfare campaign: all consumers who bought coocaa TV products on the 12th of February will have the opportunity to offer filial piety. coocaa will provide consumers with Lunar New Year welcome activities: free product delivery service, door-to-door installation, and preparation for welcoming Lunar New Year to consumers’ families.

Help the elderly and carry out charity activities in nursing homes

In order to give back to Vietnamese society, coocaa organized employees in Ho Chi Minh City public welfare action in local nursing homes. Donating coocaa tv materials and New Year gift packages to the elderly. Over the years, coocaa has been practicing public welfare, donating to charitable organizations (nursing homes and children’s orphanages) in Vietnam every year, and also donating to people in disaster-stricken areas when society needed. It reflects coocaa’s corporate social responsibility of always being enthusiastic about public welfare and helping the needy.

The brand reputation has been increasing year by year.

What’s worth mentioning is that with the catalyst of a series of world-class sports events, users’ demand for game-watching is rising, which brings favorable growth opportunities for the high-performance TV market. coocaa grasps this key growth window and quickly enters into sports marketing to press the accelerating button for the brand’s high-end and internationalization journey. coocaa has achieved brand development and channel penetration in the Southeast Asian market with rich forms of marketing activities, attracting the attention of young people and further expanding brand awareness.

At present, coocaa has ranked No. 1 in sales in Lazada channel, and its annual sales volume has surpassed most competing brands.

In addition to the brand reputation, coocaa’s praise also comes from the quality of the product. coocaa TV is mainly designed for full screen, good at decoding high frame rate and high-resolution material, and the high picture quality meets the user’s visual experience; it uses Dolby decoding technology and symmetrical double independent sound cavity to create a surround sound field; the dual effect of picture quality + sound gives users the ultimate enjoyment of being in a movie theater watching a blockbuster. The dual effect of picture quality + sound gives users the ultimate enjoyment of watching a blockbuster movie in a cinema. coocaa TV can adjust the brightness of the screen by controlling the current output, so as not to reflect light and greatly protect the eyes, and the visual comfort also fits the needs of users for long-time viewing.

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In Vietnam, coocaa TV is a well-known and popular TV manufacturer. The company offers a wide range of TV models, including Smart TVs, 4K Ultra HD TVs and OLED TVs. coocaa TV has a high brand recognition in Vietnam and is known for its reliable and well-designed products. coocaa TV’s products are widely sold on online channels such as shopee and lazada, which makes it easy for consumers to purchase the products.

The TVs offered by coocaa TV are equipped with the latest technology, including Smart TV features, 4K Ultra HD picture quality and eye protection. From time to time, coocaa TV offers various promotions, including limited-time discounts, freebies, and free trials. These activities help attract consumers’ attention and boost sales.

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