2020 Press Release Distribution Guide and Best PR Agencies and Newswires

London, UK – A good press release is essential for building a brand image of a company. Corporate can expect many benefits from distributing a Press release. PR distribution helps gain visibility on the Internet, including media, SNS and search engine. Some famous PR agencies like ACN Newswire, JCN Newswire & AsiaPresswire can offer both sync PR distribution and top media placement services.



Why press release distribution is important

Press releases are important for increasing a company’s brand awareness and helping the public relations (PR). But if nobody sees the release, Users won’t get very far. Users need to distribute it effectively to get the story picked up by national newspapers, magazines, or blogs.

Gaining press coverage helps to get the business or brand name into the public forum. That’s helpful for building awareness of the brand — especially when 44% of journalists consider press releases to be the most trustworthy source of brand-related information.

Distributing a press release also has these benefits:

  1. Press releases can boost theSEO.
  2. A press release can drive local foot traffic to thestore.
  3. A press release can generate more sales.



Common mistakes for a press release distribution

What are some common press release distribution mistakes? Before Users let fly and distribute the story, are Users about to make any fatal errors? The last thing they want is to annoy the journalists on the target list. It might leave Users with no coverage at all. Here are some common mistakes people make when distributing a press release.

  1. The press release is too long.

The story needs to be short and succinct — especially when journalists spend less than a minute reading a press release. The easiest way to get the pitch read is to cut the fluff. Ditch anything that a journalist doesn’t need to read, or any sentences that won’t add value to a reader if ones release is published in its current form. Consider taking it a step further and breakdown the “meat” of one press release into a handful of easy-to-digest bullet points.

  1. Targeting the wrong people or publications.

If users work for a small business looking to get some coverage, they are more than likely going to get the most success from contacting local publications. Don’t bother sending the press release to a national or international news outlet — it’s incredibly rare that a local story is important enough to make national news. They should also double-check that the target journalists are a good fit. Many tend to specialize in one or two interests – emailing a sports reporter about a press release related to health isn’t likely to result in coverage.

  1. The story isn’t newsworthy enough.

Before hitting send and distributing the release, take a moment and ask: “Is this story actually newsworthy?” If the release is too self-promotional, user will probably find that journalists won’t want to turn it into a story. Their job isn’t to give Users free publicity – they want to share stories that will entertain their audiences. To avoid the release being sent straight to the trash, ensure it’s got a relevant angle, and includes solid information, statistics, and data.

  1. Didn’t include thecontact info.

Imagine crafting that story, pitching it, and finding a reporter who’s interested and wants to contact the guy for a quote. But the journalist hits a dead end and is unable to contact them. Unfortunately, if they don’t include the contact information on the press release, they risk losing out on the chance for increased exposure. The journalist shouldn’t have to go digging to find out how to contact them.



Best PR distribution newswires

Many organizations and corporates are using PR services to reach journalists and media. In addition, among the many press release distribution services, AsiaPresswire is characterized by its distribution strength. AsiaPresswire has more than 35,000 media partners and over 80000 journalists. AsiaPresswire is probably the top press release distribution service to consider first. The fee is starting from $199~999 usd per release. There is also monthly, yearly, or flat-rate press release distributing contract.



AsiaPresswire is one of the best press release distribution service providers. The service is characterized by its ability to deliver press releases to various destinations from newspapers to magazines, TVs, web media and a wide range of targets. In addition, AsiaPresswire offers easy to create a media list according to the release content and it helps the client to prevent sending their release to the wrong media. AsiaPresswire also provides best proof-read and editing and translation service by professional editors. In addition to distribution to top media and Web media, AsiaPresswire can distribute news to overseas that makes use of the communications company’s network. Worldwide press releases will be distributed to 1.5 million locations in 35,000 media worldwide. In addition, they offers editing service in English as well as translating. The fee is starting from $75 per release within 1000 words.

ACN Newswire and JCN Newswire are professional press release distribution providers that have been in service for 20 years. They also offer proof-read and editing service. It could be beneficial to use ACN & JCN for someone who wishes to reach Japan top sites like: Asahi, CNET, Excite, Zaikei, Fresheye, ZDNet and others. ACN & JCN Newswire offers press release distribution service with reasonable price and good quality.



Does anyone know of a high-quality wire service distributing press releases accurately, efficiently and for affordable fees? AsiaPresswire distributes press releases on the Internet. With AsiaPresswire, sending releases to media, either at home or abroad, is no longer a hassle. It also helps them cut costs and contribute to environmental protection. AsiaPresswire strongly support the release distribution with a reliable, extensive network. Users can choose recipients most suitable for the press release from a number of lists of subscribers they have.

Companies can distribute their announcement about a new business startup to editors and reporters in different fields. They can post the press release on portal sites and Facebook pages. They can distribute press releases to foreign journalists globally. They can also efficiently maintain the list of press release recipients.

In an emergency, they can make an announcement accurately and without delay and distribute the press release to popular portal sites. Users’ press release will be posted, almost in real time, on major portal sites

What a top PR agency could help corporate achieve?

  1. Press release localization (including translation and proofreading)
  2. Finding the right press release distributing service provider that fits thebudget and target.
  3. Contacting and negotiating with the service providers on behalf of users, selecting the right media and creating appropriate media lists just for thepress release.
  4. Upon request, then deliver the press release directly to the editors of top media and news outlets.

AsiaPresswire offers a Press Release Distribution Service with distribution to foreign press organizations and foreign embassies globally. Upon request, AsiaPresswire will distribute press releases (text only) from local and national government bodies, universities, businesses, and other organizations that want to distribute information targeting a foreign audience. AsiaPresswire  also provides a service for listing press releases on its website, perfect for press releases with images and video, or those with more text.

The main users of AsiaPresswire website are journalists from foreign media organizations looking for information and support for their reporting activities, making it an effective platform for reaching foreign media. This service can also be used to announce news presentations and press conferences or other events for foreign journalists.

With AsiaPresswire’s service, users can distribute releases to domestic media. The template AsiaPresswire provide makes it very easy for them to distribute press release. Only if their PC is connected to the Internet, they can use our services 24 hours a day, all year round, so users will not miss an opportunity to make an urgent nationwide announcement.

AsiaPresswire are ready for social media and multimedia distribution. All domestically distributed press releases carry social media bookmark buttons with them. Recipients can share releases they like with their friends through SNS and other services. The press release will be posted not only on the AsiaPresswire website but also on its Facebook and Twitter pages in the form of linked URLs. Moreover, Users’ press release will be multimedia-ready. Movies and images can be posted on a page showing the release.

AsiaPresswire make sure that distribution lists are always the newest.As mass media change organizations and transfer people to different jobs, AsiaPresswire swiftly update the lists. The press release will be delivered to the right department or person Users want to reach. Users can rest assured because AsiaPresswire have all media’s permission to send them the press release.

AsiaPresswire can help Users cut down on press release costs. The company has developed a press release distribution service with a superb cost performance by setting fees according to the frequency of release distribution. The publicity capabilities will be greatly enhanced.

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